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Gavin has acted in adverts, films, mini-series and soap operas as well as done extra work on a Hollywood feature film. Some of the adverts Gavin has done are for Pick n Pay, Tivoli taps and the movies he has starred in are Breathe (Andy Circus), Imbewu (South African Soap Opera), Crimes Uncovered (MNET Mini-Series), Dear Jasmine and The Sacrifice (still been filmed). I've also done a lot of extra work.




From June to July 2018, Gavin played the role of a reporter, Donald, who does a story on a Mafia boss and lands himself in trouble. This was on the series, "Imbewu, The Seed"

Imbewu, the Seed

In August 2017, Gavin played the role of a German delegate who hears out the lead role (Andrew Garfield), a man injured from the neck down, to petition hospitals to take their patients into public, the movie was directed by Andy Circus and was shot in South Africa.

Breathe (Hollywood Movie)

In July 2018, Gavin played the role of a writer who is a confidant and co-worker to the lead role. The movie is a tragic love story with a twist.

Dear Jasmine

December 2016, Gavin acts as the best friend to the lead role who burns the meat and can't say a word as there is smoke in his eyes, with Lady Smith Black Mambazo in the background.

Watch the Video here.

Pick n Pay corporate TV Commercial

Still to be released, Gavin plays the role as the Italian piano man alongside an Italian Diva singer to make a hilarious example of someone as the classic Tivoli adverts do.
View the previous advert here.

Tivoli Taps

Gavin is currently busy with a short drama film called "The Sacrifice" where he plays the role of a 30 something surfer whose daughter has cancer but has no money for treatment and does something radical to rectify the situation.

The Sacrifice

From 2014 to 2015 Gavin played the role of Advocate Carlo Viljoen in the Documentary Drama "Crimes Uncovered" on Mnet where he represented the girlfriend of the accused criminal.

Crimes Uncovered
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